My Merry Money - Christmas Cash Giveaway 2018




Welcome to My957's MyMerry Money Christmas Cash Giveaway!!


Santa has hidden $1,500.00.  You could be the lucky person who finds the cash stash!!  




  • Listen to My957 KXLS - The Best Variety from the 80s to Today 7am - 9am. 
  • A clue will be given each day at some point during the morning show. 
  • Each clue will get you closer to the location of the cash stash. 
  • Lori will read the clue and ask for a caller to call in with a guess at the location of the stash.  
  • The first person to correctly guess the exact location of the cash, wins!! We will continue with daily clues through December 21st, or until a listener has correctly identified the secret location.  

You must listen to win.  Clues will not be posted on our website or social media.  




  • MyMerry Money Christmas Cash Giveaway is brought to you by our wonderful sponsors. 
  • The listener to correctly identify the location of the money will win $1,500.00.
  • MyMerry Money winnings can only be spent at Sponsor locations.  




  • Clues will not be posted to social media or our website.  You must tune in to My 95.7 FM KXLS Monrings for the daily clue.
  • Winnings have no cash value - unless spent within a sponsor's location.
  • My957 KXLS will provide the winner with MyMerry Money Certificates.
  • Winner may shop mutliple sponsors - you dont have to spend it all in one place.
  • All purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. 
  • All winnings must be spent by 12.31.18.  This is a firm deadline with participating locations.



MyMerry Money Sponsor Locations




My Merry Money valid at Sponsor Locations ONLY. 

All purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar. 

No money or cash back. 

My Merry Money winnings must be spent by 12.31.18.


My Merry Money 2018 Sponsors

Blaser Bling

Coast to Coast Motors

Ediger's Diamonds


Rainbow Sports


Rustic Junkie

Whiskey Girl Boutique



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